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Sughar Fashion Nomads is a Tribe dedicated towards creating sustainable linkages for the global communities. 


A part of the Sughar Empowerment Society, Nomads is dedicated towrads empowering tribal women in Pakistan by not only setting up a global plateform for their embroidered art, but a place for the world to reach out to them, connect and touch their creation by becoming a part of the Nomads. 

Who we are

Every product you buy at Nomads goes back to sustain our activities at Sughar Empowerment Society, to help end customs like honor killings, child marriages and exhange marriages. 


Your purchase connects you with a woman who probably cannot imagine a world outside of her home, with each product you get a QR code, through which you can send her message,s photos or thanks for her great work. 


We thank you for believing in our mission and for becoming a part of this Nomadic tribe! 


Sughar Team~

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